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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  August 19, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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instead admitting garcia was to blame. >> this is not a case about whom, but what? a perfect storm. anyone of which circumstances altars would have resulted in a different outcome. at the end of this case, mr. burnheart and i will ask you to find him guilty. >> reporter: defense attorney said he set out with his infant daughter and a knife with the intent to steal a television, he got on a bus so high on pcp, he got off at the fairfax shopping center where he asked vanessa pham for a ride to the hospital.
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he started to flip out. when vanessa pham took a wrong turn, he pulled a knife. he put his head down looking at none of the exhibits. >> one of the first witnesses to testify was officer daniel pang. he said he thought it was an accident until they started to exam the body. he says he saw slits in vanessa pham's blouse and noticed there were stab wounds. some of the pictures were shone to the gallery and some shown to the jury. vanessa pham mother sitting in the first row listening to the testimony over head phones, presumably listening in vietnamese. this is the first time in decades a television camera has been allowed in a fairfax courtroom.
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the trial is expected to last six days. sean, back to you. >> this man was stand king on train tracks. he was a senior and a member of the men's volleyball team. patrick was a world class athlete and developed into a dominant volleyball player. it was his love for teammate and friends that shined the brightest. a 25-year-old man killed in a construction accident in maryland. man was working in a trench seven feet deep when the dirt collapsed. he was working with the crew building a deck on the back of a
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home. >> we are learning what caused last week's horrific accident on the bay that caused -- the tractor trailer rear ended a car and pushed the vehicle down to the water. the driver was not seriously hurt. if you would like to take a closer look, we posted details on both sides looking to resolve ambulance dispute between the volunteer fire department. they were upset about a newman date requiring four career firefighters staffed there ashed the clock. that mandate could have meant volunteers bumped from trucks. they agreed to continue discussing the issue. >> this is about protecting our community and public safety. we want to make sure we are all
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working through this issue to address any concerns morning side fire department will have. >> they want to be converted to all response medic unit. >> a lot of children in our area asking the same question today, where did the summer go? it went fast. back to school in prince george's county, fredrick, and fauquier county. in prince george's county, a new school chief, dr. kevin maxwell goes by title chief executive officer. >> education week maryland ranked maryland no. 1 in the
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past five year. in prince george's county, changes were needed from top down. >> reporter: it is the first day of classes at barn bee manner elementary school. the new prince george's chef executive says a new day is dawning. >> this is a magic moment for prince george maryland. >> so does governor martin o'malley here to applaud the changes in prince george schools. >> we are counting on you, okay. work hard. >> o'malley says improving the quality of public education starts in your home and in your neighborhood. >> prince george's county has been doing a tremendous job in reducing violent crime and improving public safety and i believe they are poised to make their school system one of the great stories of improved
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achievement over the next several years >> reporter: starting with a full day of lessons for 360, four-year-olds in the county. >> barn bee manner is one of eight prince george elementary schools offering all day pre-k part of the county's transforming neighborhood's plan. >> making sure they have school supplies and getting the message to participaents. >> we are going to make all the changes necessary to get their children the best education and improve their children's lives. >> that transforming neighborhood's initiative started as a policing effort
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targeting high crime neighborhoods, includes before and after school programs in the areas and concerted effort to reduce absentee rates. >> all right, bob. thank you. check this out, this is trinity, she is a third grader this year, adorable, isn't she? gorgeous on her first day, tweet us at my fox dc. dozens of homes evacuated after a gas leak in the neighborhood. workers were digging near summerhill and northham roads. firefighters went door to door telling everyone to get out. >> as soon as i opened the door, gas filled through the house. we had a baby over here, miss bee's child care across the street. >> about 80 homes affected. washington gassies the leak.
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>> coming up, a warning if you are headed to the skins game, find out why certain bags are no longer allowed. >> a new twist in nsa investigation, find out why a man has the white house answering questions. >> massive wild fire out west tackling the blaze the size of denver, gary? >> big fire. we have clouds, no real showers if you are headed to the game, weather wise no issues. here is what it looks like out there now. it is going to start feeling more like august. we have a first look at your forecast all coming up, stay with us. 
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>> the unrest continues in egypt nearly a week after a government crack down after oust of president morsi. two dozen security policeman were killed execution style. in all nearly 1,000 people killed between security forces and morsi supporters since last wednesday. there is word tonight that
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former president hosni mubarak could be released. a final verdict in all of his cases. mubarak and sons accused of embezzling and killing protesters. >> more fallout over the leaked nsa documents by edward snowden. lawmakers calling for more classified hearings, while at least one center says it is time to get a closer look at the domestic programs. meanwhile another layer of intrigue to all of this. fox foxes craig boswell has more. >> reporter: london's het row
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airport, david miranda was detained for nearly nine hours. white house says it didn't ask for the detention but was given advanced notice. >> there was a heads up provided by the british government. we had an indication was likely to occur. it was not something we requested. >> last week internal audit by snowden saying the department overstepped boundaries several times. >> the surveillance court is a security tribunal making secret law. >> senator rand paul wants more oversight eventually a supreme court ruling. >> i think it would be better. some things fundamentally
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unconstitutional. >> the gathering of washington, d.c. phone calls was relatively low. items ceased from the journalist were not returned. lawmakers divided will get a chance to debate differences and ask more questions when hearings are called after the august recent. in washington, craig boswell, fox news. >> the judge made the ruling during a military trial of major nidal hassan. he is accused of killing 13 people in 2009 rampage. they can't reference copy cat in kuwait or past academic presentation. the judge will allow evidence about internet searches or his computer. oscar pistorius cried in court as he was indicted for the murder of his girlfriend.
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he shot reeva steenkamp through the bathroom door of his home. he thought he was firing on an intruder. steenkamp was staying overnight. there is a witness saying they heard a woman scream before the shoots. >> after nearly a year of negotiations, 25-year-old man known as victim five will receive millions of dollars. victim no. five said san dusky exposed himself to him in a locker room. >> he was accosted six months after the mike mcqueary incident. >> expects 25-31 claims to be settled. the 69-year-old former coach
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convicted last year of 45 counts of sexual abuse. >> taking it outside, gary saying not much to write home about in the weather department. kind of nice . >> lots of people asking where did summer go? august is going to return. yesterday the high was 74. we had clouds and showers. today so far, we have only been up to 75. >> not quite summer like, is it. >> i took a little peek two and a half degrees below normal. that takes into consideration morning lows as well. we are going to get back to august-like numbers for the next few days. i do believe that is all going to start tomorrow. mid 70s today to upper 80s
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tomorrow. it is august. not only will the heat come back. the heat and humidity will come back in tandem, okay. that is the story for at least most of this week. let's show you numbers, 74 in the city, annapolis by the water, cooler 73. fredricksburg, 74. temperatures pretty uniformed. it is warmer for winchester and culpeper. 79 for cumberland. there is more in the way of sunshine. they have had more this afternoon. that is providing them with a couple of showers and trying to have a few thunderstorms, too. if you look around here, we are dry. there could be a spotty shower pop up here or there. it is going to be primarily to the west. couple more pop up showers, maybe a thunderstorm as well as we look at this. it has been trying to move over
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i-81. comes into cloudiness and cooler atmosphere. that is not happening. we may end up with a shower or two before it is all said and done. little bit of cloudiness. to the west, there have been breaks. that has allowed showers and thunderstorms to pop up. here is the forecast for the evening hours, a spotty showers possible between now and 8:00. i mean spotty, maybe one or two spits of rain pop up. that is it. you don't need your umbrella. if you are going to the redskins game, don't worry about rain. temperatures cooling off upper 60s, lower 70s. clouds will break up late evening and allow fog to form for tuesday morning commute.
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shawn, sunshine comes back and heat returns, too. how much heat, we'll save it for later. >> all right. gary. see you in a few, thank you. >> he is working on the teases. as we continue on the 5, raging wild fire nowhere near contained. national guard members called in to help evacuate thousands from their homes. >> information about the limo fire that killed five women in california, was it an accident or something more sinister? the answer when we come back. 202-895-3000 is the tipline or foxfivetips@ 
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>> hear that, she said no and took off. suspected drunk driver runs from police in laurel. the officer was wearing a small video camera and captured it. as the woman is running, the officer involved uses a taser. the woman falls to the ground. she has been arrested. investigators say the limousine claimed the lives of five women in may was an accident. california highway patrol, four passengers and limo driver escaped fire. public utilities commission is fining driver $1,500 for having more passengers than allowed. >> fire crews in idaho are
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working to contain a wild fire. it is about 8% contained. about 2,000 remain under mandatory evacuation orders. the blaze is one of dozens burning across the west. fox's alechia has the rest. >> reporter: the fire sparked by lightning has forced evacuation of 2,000 homes. over 1,000 firefighter battling the blaze. ad idaho national guard called to the scene. >> you have wing men you want to help out and country and state. >> that is why i joined the national guard to help people in times of need. >> reporter: meanwhile, three wild fires burning in northern oregon. fire officials say they were
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caused by lightning. residents getting ready to leave. >> they have been growing slightly in size, wind is the contributing factor. >> strongly urging people to be ready. >> in utah crews say the rock port fire is under control. 45 miles east of salt lake city. >> strong winds fuelling a wild fire in northern, california. there are 10 fires burning in that state alone. alechia kuna, fox news. >> trayvon martin's mother speaks at a possibility. >> find out how many students will be impacted by cuts. >> thousands come to the 50th
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anniversary of the march on washington mall. we are going to talk about how to anticipate these crowds.
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>> this is fox 5 news at 5:00. >> the stop and frisk tactics in jeopardy after a federal judge found in violation of constitutional rights of minorities. city's mayor is appealing that ruling. >> reporter: of the 4.4 million stops made by the new york city police department about 10% led to an arrest. a federal judge said 200,000 of those stops were without reasonable suspicion. city's police commissioner kelly says her ruling has implications
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nationwide. >> if you have probable cause, you have enough to issue a summit. this is a standard law enforcement practice throughout america. >> commissioner kelly is calling nypd one of the most diverse force with officers born in 88 nations. nevertheless, blacks and hispanics detained for more often than whites in four of five cases. naacp responds. >> his officers have to violate the u.s. constitution to make us safer. >> reporter: mother of slain teen, trayvon martin says the issue is black and white for her -->> you can't give people the authority whether it is a police officer the right to stop somebody because of the color of
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their skin. >> now new york's bravest will have more oversight including a court appointed monitor to direct changes to the program and some officers with wear body cameras allowing stop and frisks to continue. in new york, jane metsler, fox news. >> "washington post" reporting budget cuts will force elimination to some 57,000 children, shorter year, shorter school days, layoffs and pay cuts to 18,000 employees across the country. >> events getting underway for the 50th anniversary of march on
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washington. the station will be the only station with scheduled trains. rest of the rail system will run on a normal weekend schedule. next wednesday, august 28th is the anniversary of the march. pivotal movement, maryanne was in her early 40s when she joined the march. she shared her memories on "fox 5 morning news." >> it was an exciting time, i'll never forget it. you didn't realize until you got there and say all of the groups coming from the east, from the west. it was exhilarating to be a part of it. >> when martin luther king got up and started speaking, what went through your mind? >> oh my, to see someone that
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impressed so many of us, to see him in the flesh, we could see from any part of that mall around the pool, the audio extremely good. people, everybody was excited. >> she will watch this year's match from a far to avoid the crowds. as the nation prepares, we want you to help us tell the story, were you there? we invite you the send us pictures e-mail at tweet us at myfoxdc page or send to facebook.
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>> city council member jack evans raised 40 grand in the massachusetts community. former d.c. mayor anthony williams was there as well. evans competition served with him. mayor gray hasn't said whether he will run again. >> virginia ended the last fiscal year, 585 million dollar surplus. in richmond, bob mcdonald said it is due to better than expected tax collections. that shows the state's economy is improving. >> it constitutes the first time a revenue surplus at the end of all four of its fiscal year in office. >> it will help fund a 2% pay raise on friday. it is the first raise for state
5:35 pm
employees since 2007. >> coming up, facebook exposed. why the man that hacked mark zuckerman's facebook page has nothing to show for it. >> find out something that is nearly the size of a tablet. ♪
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"i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored ththis ad." it's been called "cuccinelli's witch hunt" "designed to intimidate and suppress" ken cuccinelli used taxpayer funds to investigate a uva professor whose research on climate change cuccinelli opposed. cuccinelli, a climate change denier, forced the university to spend over half a million dollars defending itself against it's own attorney general. ken cuccinelli. he's focused on his own agenda. not us.
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>> a hacker who discovered a security flaw on facebook says the social networking site didn't believe him. he hacked mark suckerburg didn't believe him. facebook refused to pay him for reporting the problem because they say he used the bug which
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violated the terms of service. >> okay. all right. if bigger is better, samsung is happy galaxy mega has the experience -- $150. sprint and u.s. cellular will carry the phone. iphone guzzles more energy than your fridge. average new mid size fridge uses 320 kilowatt hours a year. your iphone uses more. >> go figure. that phone is gigantic.
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it is like putting your ipad to your phone. as we continue, nfl bands certain bags in the wake of the boston bombings. >> ouch. find out what the quarterback who threw the pass had to say for himself. >> a warm up is underway, gary is back with your extended forecast.
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>> fans across our region are fired up, team returned to fedex field against the pittsburgh steelers. hey guys. >> reporter: we are fired up, it
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is monday night football. >> playing steelers at 8:00. playoff lost seattle game, robert griffin iii will remember all too well. he is going through pre-game workouts, throwing to receivers down here. doing good footwork. >> he is wearing a shirt, operation patience. he looks good and things have changed since the last time he was on this turf. there is a new field, beautiful, soft. they are going to resod it again in november. >> what we saw these last three weeks. they broke camp last saturday up in richmond. they are trying to build up,
5:45 pm
what we are going to see tonight, kurt cousins starting. >> we are going to see the starters going a lot more than they did, 10-15 reps. they are going to play at least a half. we know kurt cousins well and davis. >> it should be a good atmosphere. >> should be fun, 80,000 plus fans. looking forward to it. >> i am so excited just to be back home. fans have been great here for us. i am ready to go back to fedex, have fun. i am tired of hitting each other in camp. >> i think it will be pretty intense environment with pittsburgh being close in
5:46 pm
proximi proximity. atmosphere should be intense. >> kickoff 8:00. flip it back to fox 5 afterwards and bring you the post wrap film. lindsay murphy and i getting ready. >> josh and brian were players warming up with the group that doesn't play. >> all right. send it back to you guys. >> scott and lindseys, thank you. shawn? >> fans will have to deal with the brand new league policy banning most women's purses. lauren, how are fans reacting? >> nfl has confirmed that the boston marathon bombing played a role in their decision to change the policy.
5:47 pm
they want to make things safer for fans attending and move people through the gates more quickly. small clutch purses are allowed, no larger than your hand, 4 and a half x 6 inches. fans can use larger bags if they are clear, 12x6x12 inches. some fans were prepared others had not heard about the change. >> i had no idea. luckily i didn't hear? >> you can't bring that in? >> no. it is not that big of a bag. this alone is bigger than most clutches. it is my wallet.
5:48 pm
it is upsetting. >> you are only allowed a clear bag or little clutch. she came prepared. >> the informal is selling clutches. and club merchandise are selling clear plastic totes for $10. redskins were on back order. here at redskins you can purchase bags for $8 and security guards are armed with zip locks and handing them out to folks that are unprepared. everything running smoothly. they are letting everybody know what is going on. keep this in mind at any nfl stadium, this is the latest policy. shawn, back to you. >> thanks, lauren. i wonder how many are going all the way back to their cards, thanks, lauren.
5:49 pm
>> very few. >> here it comes, get ready to say ouch! as you know, that is fox nfl sideline reporter pam oliver. she learned the importance of keeping your eye on the ball. oliver was doing pre-game work. she was hit in the face. there it is by a pass from back up quarterback chandler harnish. he tweeted to say flowers are on their way. work place hazard. >> i bet pam could catch. she is on the sidelines. >> who was standing next to her that didn't protect her? >> somebody not paying attention. fans coming to the game don't need to worry? >> not at all. if we get a spotty showers, that
5:50 pm
is what it is going to be. if by chance one of these spots of rain pops us, it is going to last a couple of minutes. it is not bad, evening is good. clouds most of the day, little bit of sunshine here and there. as we look at radar, nothing is showing up here. little ground clutter to the west of the city. few showers and couple of thunderstorms trying to form earlier. i'll tell you the deal, little bit of sunshine. that has destabilize things. they could pop a shower or thunderstorm. all that pops up is basically calming down. temperature right now in the city, 74°, gaithersburg up to 75, fredrick 75, farther back to the west, temperatures upper
5:51 pm
70s. little more sunshine to the west. back out in the western suburbs. i put in a spotty showers, just in case. when i say spotty shower, i mean spotty shower, very isolated. 11:00, clouds and temperatures dropping down into the 60s. still a lot of rain, a lot of tropical moisture feeding into the deep south through mississippi, alabama, georgia up into the carolinas. all of this has stayed south of us. to the north and west, clearer skies out here. we think and we are pretty sure overnight tonight, all of these clouds continue to track to the west. our skies clear overnight tonight. once the clouds clear overnight, there is going to be the chance for a little bit of fog forming out there. it doesn't look
5:52 pm
like it is that bad area wide. where we get fog forming it could be quite dense. keep that in mind for the first couple of hours. 66 overnight, winds out of the south 5-10. temperatures upper 80s, accuweather forecast, foggy spots in the morning, warm at noon. 88° is hot. we haven't had 88° in a while. 90 wednesday. that is going to stay with us through friday. the weekend looking pretty good. back to middle 80s. less humid and dry. >> welcome back august. >> let's head to brian who is standing by. >> critical new phase into
5:53 pm
investigation of governor bob mcdonnell. a young man charged with armed robbery tries to make a run for it in a maryland courthouse. never guess where police saw him. and a gun bust turned up military weapons like these. see you at 6:00.
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>> let's head to brian who is military weapons like these.
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db pas >> jury selection underway in georgia for unspeakable crime. demarcus elkin is accused of shooting a 18-year-old baby in the face. he walked up demanding money from west.
5:57 pm
she was shot in the leg and survived, her baby did not. >> deantre termin died last week. medical examiners say he suffered blount force trauma to head and neck. friends and family devastated. >> football was his life. >> real nice, quiet cool and a lot of fun to be around. new he was an honorable student. he akio toyoda akio toyoda axeled on and off the field. >> league considers organized competition, university appealing and hopes ncaap reverses course. >> thanks for joining us at
5:58 pm
5:00. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 6:00. >> new troubles on the horizon for virginia's embattled governor, bob mcdonnell the wealthy businessman that showered with gifts and loans. fox 5 tom. >> reporter: there were two separate meetings, lawyers for bob mcdonnell met today. this is a possible sign whether or not charges are filed. what was said inside that meeting mcdonnell's lawyers refused to say. >> is there anything you can say about why you were here? >> it is best we not comment on
5:59 pm
these tihings. we appreciate your time. >> ethics questions over thousands of dollars of gifts and loans he and family took from businessman johnny williams. >> we don't have any comment, thank you very much. >> bob mcdonnell's legal team meeting with u.s. attorneys who will decide if they file charges to his governor and wife. last week the governor said he returned all of the gifts and apologized and repeated position they received no special treatment for the gifts. >> i have made apology for the distraction that has caused for state of virginia. >>


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